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February 16, 2011

Active Allegheny County Bike Plan

Today's Post-Gazette has words that aren't often placed in proximity to each other: Active Allegheny County Bike Plan.

What would do you do if you're a departing County Executive and you want to do a bit of legacy sculpting? You'd commission a report that describes things that are about to happen and you take credit for them. As long as they're good things anyway, that's okay with me.

We are pleased to note than Dan's staff has not placed an image of their boss' signature on their website. Luke Ravenstahl's staff is not as 2.0-savvy.

The planning document is online.


Anonymous said...

Amen! We SO need a river trail on the Lawrenceville/Strip side of the river. I hate having to cross the 40th St bridge and then risk life and limb trying to get down to the trail.

A vigorous co-sign!

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