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June 23, 2010

The Pirate's Shining Moment of 2010

From the Post-Gazette's Dan Majors:

Pirates put pierogi back in the race

Andrew Kurtz, one of the men who perform as a racing pierogi during Pirates' home games, has been rehired by the team after management determined that "he should not have been fired" for posting a disparaging remark about the team on the Internet.

"The fact of the matter is that neither HR nor senior management were involved in the decision to fire the employee," Mr. Warecki said. "When they were made aware of the improper termination on Friday evening, they conducted an investigation into the firing. Upon learning the facts of the case and determining that he should not have been fired, [management] contacted the employee Saturday morning to offer him his job back, and he accepted." The bad publicity, Mr. Warecki said, did not factor into the decision.

"He was rehired on Saturday morning because it was the right thing to do," Mr. Warecki said. "That same decision would have been made of any employee who was let go in this manner, whether it was reported in the media or not."

They can say the publicity didn't matter.
They can say they'd skipped a step on the HR checklist.
They can say whatever they need to say, now.

They manned up and did the right thing. Bravo.


Bram Reichbaum said...

"Shining" would be if they made him Deputy GM or better.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama will do the same?

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