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February 06, 2010

I'm a Sucker for a Great Photoshop

I tell myself that I am a citizen rather than a consumer, but I must admit that sometimes a product, a thing somebody sells, really captures my attention because of the presentation. Check out this Photoshopped image from FastCompany:

The base of the cyclist photo started out as Lance Armstrong's classic gesture counting his 7 Tour De France victories. You'll note the yellow band, and the Discovery team logo on the side of his shorts.

The jersey design comes from a 1929 cover by by Theodore G. Haupt, depicting a bicycle race with a heavy Art Deco gloss. The jersey is made by Retro Image Apparel, and goes on sale in June. See examples here.

The face belongs to Malcolm Gladwell, my favorite writer at the New Yorker.

This jersey catches my eye because it's close to the center of my own Venn diagram - Gladwell (whom I enjoy), The New Yorker (which I read - and am), and cycling. I'd like to think I'm immune to marketing, even ersatz Photoshopps, but I'm not.


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