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February 18, 2010

Austin Plane Into IRS Building A Fake?

I'd like to make a prediction based on today's tragic news story about Joseph Andrew Stack, a software engineer who updated his blog, torched his house, then took off in his Piper Cherokee PA-28 single-engine airplane (aircraft registration N2889D) and flew the plane directly into an IRS office building to express his rage at the machine.

Prediction: he was not in the airplane. It's a fake, a ruse to allow him to run away and try to establish a new identity. (Life imitates art: see the movie Hopscotch.) Stack is a software engineer, and even puddlejumpers are driven by GPS and autopilots these days.

I expect that savvy Federal Agents will lure him out of hiding by sending a voucher for a free Google Android phone to his residence; all he has to do is go to the Austin Texas Radio Shack to claim it, wink wink. No software engineer could resist that.

If I'm right, and in ten days they find this technomage living under an assumed name in a flop hotel (with WiFi) living in the cash economy, I want my Fake News Predictor value increased to +20.
If I'm wrong, and in ten days they announce DNA identification of the charred remains, I reserve the option to allude to a obfuscating conspiracy involving President Obama's Kenyan wetnurse, who was once in a relationship with Vince Foster. This Birther/Truther crossover niche demands an inquiry, and the American people deserve no less.


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