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December 24, 2009

Pong : Retro-Geek Gaming

Before the Wii, before DDR, a long time ago, back at the beginning, there was Pong.

Pong was the first mass-produced video game. It simulated ping-pong, played either between two players or between one player and the computer. The screen showed the position of two paddles, adjusted by the player twisting a knob, and the position of the ball. The score was also shown.

It was originally a coin-operated arcade console, but in 1975 it was released in home versions that used a television set as a display.

Now we've come full circle, and you can play Browser Pong on the Internet. Player One uses the A and Z keys to control their paddle, and Player Two uses the up and down arrows.

Instead of providing graphics within a window, this version of Pong actually uses windows as the paddles and the ping-pong ball. Its very true to the original experience. If it doesn't work for you, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

According to the website, Browser Pong was designed to demonstrate emerging HTML5 features, and is intentionally non-compatible with older browser versions and substandard browsers such as Internet Explorer. It works best in Safari 4, Chrome 4, FireFox 3.5, and Opera 10 in that order.

Browser Pong has got all the significant parts of the original Pong with one exception: no coin slot. Enjoy.


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