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November 28, 2009

Pittsburgh to Erie Bike Trail

It's an exciting time for bike trails, they're sprouting up all around the country (generally the rail-to-trail variation). Here's a map of the proposed Pittsburgh-to-Erie Bike Trail:

There's a great trail website, and also a growing Yahoo Group.

This will be a great thing. It'll open up a lot of small communities to tourism, it'll make the overall network more valuable (there's a cross-Ohio trail under development that'll end near Erie), and it'll make Pittsburgh bicycling more visible.

EDIT 12/06: This trail also connects to the Presque Isle network, including a 13.5 mile bike trail which is a National Recreational Trail.

Speaking of which (Pittsburgh bicycling), the Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen was held this morning, looks like they had nice weather for it. Photos will appear here.


Bram Reichbaum said...

That trail map sort of begs the question, "What's wrong with Butler County?"

RiffRaffGregg said...

OK - so I hop on my bike and ride to...Erie? Then what do I do?

Lady Elaine said...

Shop at MillCreek Mall and put it in your little fanny pack!

Peggy Pings said...

The EPT map doesn't show the trail linkage into the "do not miss" Presque Isle State Park - , the peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie.

Really nice sandy beaches - about 12 of them covering 7 miles, and bike lanes/paths -

One is designated a National Recreation Trail -*&-op=eq&Trail%20state=PA&-recid=32886&-find=.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of the trail appears to be the Oil City, Venango Co. part. Who wants to ride through Oil City and the refinery area to get to petroleum center. Have you ever been on that stretch of road off Rt. 8 to petroleum center. Not for your family bike outing. Too steep of hills, and who wants to share the road with cars for 8 miles?

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