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November 09, 2009

Joe Lieberman's Doctor

Senator Joe Lieberman, a fellow traveler with the Democratic party, has announced that he intends to invoke his prerogative as a Senator to prevent the health care reform legislation from ever coming to a vote unless it's in the format he likes.

You know that when he was a wee little tyke in short pants, he probably threatened to hold his breath until he got his way.

Bloomberg reports that it's a question of conscience: As a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote” if the public option remains, Lieberman said. Lieberman’s state is home to health insurer Aetna Inc., based in Hartford. I admire a person with a conscience. Pinnochio had Jiminy Cricket. Joe Lieberman has Aetna. It's all good.

What intrigues me is the situation this presents to his health care providers.
Joe: I can stop the legislation if I want.
Dr.1: I can stop your heart if I want.
Joe: I'm serious.
Dr.1: Me, too.

Joe: I can work the schedule to delay legislation indefinitely.
Dr.2: Speaking of schedules, today's your colonoscopy. Come here, Joe...

Lieberman has told the American Medical Association that they won't get the legislation they prefer while he's in the Senate. That is to say, while he's alive and well. Kicking and breathing. I wonder if that was wise.


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