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November 15, 2009

Consigning Ayn Rand to the Dustbin of History

I believe I am now done with Ayn Rand, but before consigning her to the dustbin of history*, I'd like to present a light-hearted retrospective of her work, lest we be all sturm und drang .

It's just ludicrous to me that people would justify dismantling the world's finest air traffic control system based on Ayn Rand's thoughts -- and if this is the best justification they could identify, then perhaps there really isn't any justification for it.

I'm going to stop beating this dead horse now, and move on to discussing the corporate greed and practical implications of Corporatizing the ATC system.

* that's a quote from Trotsky, I thought it was appropriate.


Don Brown said...

Love the Colbert piece. A perfect fit. Let's see....can I come up with another word besides "brlliant"...... ? I guess not. Keep up the good work.

Don Brown

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