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October 25, 2009

Two Tickets to Paris? Nice!

The Post-Gazette is carrying advertisements for free airfare to Paris. Winners must complete their round-trip travel by December 31st.

UGMT (usually, generally, most of the time) when a city or airport is giving away tickets between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's because either (1) they'll lose the service if they don't get a certain number of passengers per year, or (2) they've guaranteed a certain number of passengers a year, and they're trying to make good on the guarantee.

Does this mean that passengers and revenues have not met the levels that the County agreed to guarantee?

So now the County is going to have to make good on the difference between the guaranteed passenger revenue and the actual money, and so the County is giving away free seats (that they're we're paying for anyway)?

  • Could there possibly be a more unfriendly URL than ?
  • Couldn't there be a more Pro-Pittsburgh tagline - "From the Paris of Appalachia to that other one over there"?
  • I'd like to clarify that I think that it was a good move for the County to guarantee a certain activity level in order to reestablish international flights. It was a smart thing to do and a legit risk.

Two Tickets to Paris. Nice.


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