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October 26, 2009

Pittsburgh Gets Google Street View's 2nd Squad

A copy of the official press release follows:

Mountain View, CA. (AP) Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced that Street View's 2nd Squad had been selected for digitizing Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Google's Street View™ technology is used to present "person in the street" views of what communities, people, storefronts, and houses look like along streets mapped by Google.

The decision was greated with dismay by some civic boosters, who hoped that a more leading-edge GoogleCar or GoogleTrike would be used to capture the essence of Pittsburgh's diverse, contemporary, sustainable cityscape.

"Not everybody gets the Trike", said Ulna Pratesh, Street View route manager, somewhat peevishly. "It's a question of resources. The 2nd Squad will do a fine job with Pittsburg. Then they'll move on to Youngstown and Cleveland, then Buffalo and perhaps Chicago."

The Mayor's office had suggested using the Google Trike to digitize only certain development properties suggested by the FOL1 Renaissance Project, and for the infamous 2nd Squad to cover the North Side, the East End, and other relatively unimportant regions. City Council had been split on the Mayor's proposal. Councilman Bill Peduto twittered:

1FOL = Friends of Luke

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