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October 09, 2009

PG Plus: Standoff, Casino, Governor

Apparently, the Federal Trade Commission has announced that bloggers must disclose their paid relationships with companies or products they blog about, even if the payment is only a free sample.

Let me be clear: I have received no payment, consideration, or so much as a free copy of the Sunday Post Gazette in exchange for my campaign to support the introduction of Post Gazette Plus.

I did think that a better title would have been "Post Gazette 2.0", or "post-Post-Gazette" (seems somebody already had, but whatever - I'm here to support the hometown Black and Gold. But I'm not getting anything out of it, not even a complimentary pass to see what's actually in "PG+".

And that's the PG+ marketing plan, because you can't see what you're buying until after you've paid for it. I think that's asking too much - Salon gives you a two-day pass. The NY Times Select would give you a free look. All the street dealers know, if you want somebody build a habit, give them the first taste for free. Even McDonalds gives away their cold coffee.

As it is, I'm just sitting on the outside looking at those teaser headlines, hoping that maybe Santa Claus will bring me a PG+ subscription. I'd like to be able to entertain my Black-and-Gold peeps with some subscription-only, value-added scoop n'at.

Here's some enticing Thursday teasers:


Bram Reichbaum said...

I finally thought of something that would motivate me to join PG+: if you could leave comments under regular news articles, but you could only see them if you're a member of PG+. That'd definitely do it.

Aside from that ... there is an infinity of content available to me on the Internet already. Why would I pay extra in order to gain access to an extra .00000000000001% of it? Only if I hear some honest to goodness buzz that some of it is awesome. My mind is open to that, but I'm still waiting to hear that first bit of buzz.

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