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September 20, 2009

G-20 Alternative Press, CyOps, Weather

This is apparently being circulated on the Web as a commentary on some protester's perception of Pittsburgh's welcome:

The Paris of Appalachia. You won't see that on Bill Flanagan's website.

There is a G20 Anarchist schedule of events posted online. I suspect it's not a complete list.

There's going to be an Anarchist G20 streaming radio station. Contrary to expectations, Lynn Cullen will not be hosting.

Big march on Thursday.

Friday morning has widely distributed protest activities until 1130, then another march.

Cyber War in Pittsburgh

Geek-wise, you've got to love that they're using a Google Map to coordinate possible protest sites. Web 2.0 certainly provides new tools for decentralized, anonymous coordination of activity. It makes me wonder how (traditional, non-political) criminals are using the new tools for their purposes, because I believe that the unintended effects of a change usually exceed the intended effects.

The web is every con-man's dream, of course, and there's no reason to take this map at face value. It might be misdirection, and if so - it's clever.

Using public infrastructure makes it open to surveillance, interference, and interruption. I think this moves PsyOps into CyOps.

So what's the legal status of online domestic counter-intelligence operations? (Maybe PG-Plus knows.)

G-20 Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is disappointing. I'd been hoping for solid rain on Thursday and Friday.


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