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September 13, 2009

Goofus and Gallant and the G-20


Gallant welcomes the G-20 because most of the benefits will accrue to his constituents, while the costs and problems will go to the city. He worries about whether Goofus understands this.

Goofus welcomes the G-20 because he's going to get his picture taken with many important grownups.

Gallant alerts people to the fact that G20 expenses are exceeding the budget.

Goofus says, I haven't been told about any shortfall, and he likes it when everybody chuckles politely.

Gallant speaks respectfully to power brokers and looks out for the important details.

Goofus looks out for big airplanes and asks, Is that one from the G-20? Is it?

Gallant pays attention to what others are talking about.

Goofus likes to make vulgar noises and then ask Who Did That?


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