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July 28, 2009

Scenario Planning; Experience, Hubris, Testosterone, and Decision Making; Airline Tarmac Hostages

Today's post is an Aggregation post.

This month's Wired has an excellent article on scenario planning, which I've written about before. The article is a quick-and-dirty, 5-step process that does a good job of communicating the essentials.

The New Yorker has a new piece by Malcolm Gladwell titled "Cocksure". In general, I try to read everything Malcolm Gladwell writes. This article is about age/experience, hubris, arrogance, testosterone, and decision making. I wonder if he's a victim of the same situation as Scott Adams, wherein everybody insists that he must work for the same company they do, because they've described it so well they must be an insider.

Another article worth reading might be, Airline Passengers Trapped On Tarmac. As August rolls around, and particularly Aug. 3rd, this is timely. The lines that grabbed me were:
"Because of the antiquated air-traffic-control system in which we — and every airline — operate, we're restricted as to the operational improvements we can make," says Bryan Baldwin, spokesman for JetBlue Airways.

Aviation consultant Michael Boyd says airline CEOs "should form a conga line" to the FAA, which oversees air travel, and demand the country's air-traffic system be modernized. That could increase airspace capacity and reduce the number of waiting planes.

I'll be writing about this shortly.


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