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June 29, 2009

Quarterly Google Love and State of the Blog Post

Google LoveWith the end of the quarter rolling around, it's time for my periodic Google Love and State of the Blog entry.

Something new that Google does that I love: When you search on: "metric widget pgh", it interprets "pgh" as "pittsburgh". Very cool.

These are some search terms that seem to drive people to my blog, along with the blog's placement in the Search Engine Report Page (SERP).
2009 steelers penguins pirates 1
2009 trifecta 1
allegheny alzheimers 1
blog pledge week 1
divorce 2.0 1
edwards ensign sanford 1
G-20 airplane 1
geezers gurus google 1
john edwards rehab 1
lamar billboard pittsburgh 1
pittsburgh bicycle politics 1
pittsburgh politics ravenstahl 1
PG-20RP 1
posinoia 1

mark sanford rehab 2
homestead labyrinth 3
cougar zero 5

ensign sanford 6
venn diagram geek 6
economy of trust 6

unenforceable contracts 7
burnout atc 7
pittsburgh g-20 resistance 7

netroots nation 2009 8
retirement messages 8

I find that almost every day, I get one person from Hong Kong searching on "unenforceable contract", and I usually get one person from Belgium or The Netherlands searching on "bike capes".

Also in somewhat-Google-news, on Sunday I got my first visitor who came to the blog using, Microsoft's new Search Engine.


Billy Mays said...

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Executor@BillyMaysAirlines said...

Too Late.
Mr. Billy Mays is no longer in the sales business.

We have moved our assets into the aviation field. We will have exciting start-up news to pass on once we have secured a Wayport Hub agreement.

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