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May 07, 2009

Google Love

Google's easy to love. They're technically excellent, they're leading-edge creative, they improve the overall web (they brought us AJAX, for instance). They're web standards advocates. They threaten Microsoft. The corporate motto is "Don't Be Evil". And finally, two things: (1) NASA lets them park the GoogleJet at NASA's airport, and (2) there really is such a thing as the GoogleJet, you've got to love that:
Google Jet

How does Google show their love? By putting you in first place, at the top of their list. It might not be for forever, it may be a passing fancy, but - sometimes, for a little while - Google loves you by making you Number One.

Here's the phrases that Google loves in this blog:
billboard distractions #1
blog pledge week #1
building a perfect world #1
flirty temptations #1
freemium storage #1
geek html humor #1
H1N1 Crossover #1
jumping the sigmoid curve #1
riding the sigmoid curve #1
zero sum timebox #1

Here's some search terms from this blog that Google has a frisson of infatuation with:
advertising information age #3
insufficient cynicism #3
minard's chart #3
struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting #3

And a few also-ran wannabees:
office depot best buy #5
cognitive capital #6
hot metal bike bridge #6
unenforceable contracts #6
econalypse #9

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