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April 18, 2009

Crazy Mocha, Bloomfield : Indy Coffee Shop Review

My daughter spent a few hours at North Catholic High School for a band function Saturday, so between the dropoff and the pickup I had a few hours to go exploring for another indy (ie, non-Starbucks) coffee shop. (I like Starbucks, I drink Starbucks, but given a choice I'd much rather go to a locally owned, non-chain coffee shop.) I drove through Bloomfield and came upon Crazy Mocha, 4525 Liberty Avenue.

Excellent coffee shop. Lots of seats, small table, cool staff, Wifi. Outside tables (it was a bit too cool, and they seem important to the smokers). Chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Excellent coffee. I started with a Cafe Au Lait.

Took a seat in the front window, and Bloomfield is an interesting place to watch the world go by. Lots of bicyclists, some runners (maybe preparing for the Marathon).

There's some kind of a DVD rental shop running out of the back of the store.

I didn't realize until I checked their website that they have several locations around town, I'll have to keep an eye out for the others. I'd definitely go again. I understand that it's locally owned and managed.


Lady Elaine said...

Their DVD rental is awesome. Very eclectic (sp?). And they have board games hidden above the seats by the counter (maybe they moved them) and delicious desserts! I would recommend taking in a movie across the street, then strolling over for dessert!

Melissa Ciccocioppo said...

Hey wow.... those are my chalk drawings! I'm glad you like them. I work at that Crazy Mocha and when the weather's nice and it's a slow day, there's nothing better than hangin with the locals and being creative. Come back soon! :)

Mrs. Logan said...

Hurray! Glad that y sister's artwork was something you remembered. I love it! Makes it more artsy and fun, and fun for employees. Happy Employees make better coffee!

Melinda said...

I agree! The staff is cool (and knows what they're doing), the sidewalk chalk is awesome, and Bloomfield is a great place to people watch! I recommend the vanilla or spiced chai latte, best in the city!

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