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March 17, 2009

Random Faux Album Web Game

I found a web timesuck diversion and while I usually denounce such things, this one is kind of interesting. It's the Random Faux Album Game. ( example 1, example 2 )

Here's how it works:
Click here for a page of random Wikipedia article titles.
Click here for a page of random quotations.
Click here for a page of recent Flickr photos. (It may take some geeking to glomm the image).

Here's the Slightly Informal Pittsburgh Rules (SIPR) for Random Faux Albums:
1. Choose a string of sequential words from among the titles of the first six article on the Wiki page. That's your band's name.
2. Choose a string of 3 to 6 sequential words from among the first five quotations. That's the CD's title.
3. Choose one of the first six Flickr photos. That's your CD cover art work.
4. Using your band name, CD title, and cover art work, design a cover for your album.
5. Interpreting your design, art work, and the terms, build a few faux quotes (or a press release) supporting your CD release.
6. Post your results, if you'd like, at:

My First Attempt

Bernd Pischetsrieder, an East Berlin post-punk club band that repeatedly draws inspiration from the gap between the promised benefits of East-West unification and the Realpolitik of actual economic conditions, on 9th March 2009 introduces "People Like To Own Stuff", their protest of the unrealized promises of the post-Berlin Wall economy.

"die Wende", the first song, talks about the turning point in people's dissatisfaction. "3 October 90", the most industrial piece in the collection, attempts in invoke the spirit of the Wall's being destroyed with hand tools. Torchsong "Ost-West", sung by Ditmar, describes the struggle of the two regions as if between two lovers. "Ostalgie" is a paean to pre-Unification days.

Rationale for my design:
Click here to see more Random Faux Albums.


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