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February 25, 2009

Sin Tax II : California Dreaming

I know that, at the end of my last post about taxing obnoxious behavior and becoming beholden to the tax revenue, I promised to "strive to refrain from moralistic posts for ninety days". Oops.

Perhaps this isn't a new post but rather a continuation of my last post. From Tuesday's LA Times:

Taxing pot could become a political toking point

An Assemblyman from San Francisco argues that it's time to tax and regulate the state's biggest cash crop in the same manner as alcohol. Opponents say it would create new costs for society.

Buoyed by the widely held belief that cannabis is California's biggest cash crop, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano contends it is time to reap some state revenue from that harvest while putting a damper on drug use by teens, cutting police costs and even helping Mother Nature. more..

Going back to my pithy distillation from the previous post, "don't whore your mother": I wonder what Momma Ammiano will look like in stilletos and a boa?


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