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February 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Blogfest 17 Report

I had the pleasure of attending Pittsburgh Blogfest 17 this evening at Finnegan's Wake on the North Side. It was a very nice session, well attended, a lot of good conversation.

I met Time Bastard and that's always a treat. Also met Cynthia, one of the hosts of the evening. I met a coder who blogs on aggregated code solutions, and another who's worked on face recognition software and now on computer storage systems.

I got to meet Dennis Roddy and compliment him on his Slate article about racism in southwestern Pennsylvania (I thought it was an excellent, courageous piece). I got to meet Illyrias and compliment her recent post where she speculated about the governor's sin tax program inevitably legalizing and taxing prostitutes to balance the budget.

I got to say hello to one of the principles of 2 Political Junkies, and I was pleased to get to say hello to Woy. I was completely outclassed when John Neill gave me a business card with his blog and contact info. Very nice.

I met three of the five bloggers of Mind Bling, (Cause brains are the new pretty). They were cool, and we had an intriguing discussion of multi-voice blogs; how do readers know there's really five bloggers, not just one writer blogging as five characters? I think that would be an interesting delivery for a novel. I met Nathan of PLCB_Power_User.

Things that pleasantly surprised me were (1) it wasn't a geek-guy throng, it was a very balanced room, and (2) the people weren't introverts.


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