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February 08, 2009

Perfect Office Skylights for Pittsburgh

I have decided on lighting for my office. Or rather, I have seen what would be perfect lighting for any office, but I can't possibly justify it, and I couldn't talk anybody into it, either.

The Sky Factory makes very, very high-end ceiling panels that look like the sky and generate enough full-spectrum light to sustain the illusion. On their standard products you get a fixed image, but on the higher end, oh my, you can have clouds rolling by, the trees will flex gently in the wind, etc. You can even choose to have the ceiling represent sunrise and sunset, with regional variations.

You'd have Lake Wobegon weather; never overcast, never raining. I'd like to have an airplane fly by on the downwind every hour or so, but with the way the airline industry's going it would be risky to paint any particular company's livery on the plane.

In truth, I couldn't justify it to myself. The only places that seem to be installing this are medical suites, and I think they can make the argument that a relaxing atmosphere is beneficial. But It is a magnificent concept, though.


Nick said...

Very cool

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