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January 03, 2009

Cleaning the Cache and Small Amusements

In geek-speak, a cache (usually rhymes with trash, sometimes with face-sh) is a RAM memory junkyard, a pack-rat's trunk of small temporary essentials; once needed, now unused, never deleted. Programs need to stash a lot of things, they accumulate, and the memory starts resembling my basement. Periodically the system needs to clean out the cache.

Here's a few things from my blog cache that I present here as small amusements:

Its Not It's. I seriously need this.

Bank Robber Hires Decoys on CraigsList, confuses local police. This isn't what they intended with Web2.0

Beware of the Dog House This is what Microsoft wanted the Jerry Seinfeld ads to be.

The Blood Puddle Pillow


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