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December 29, 2008

What's Your Blog's Myers Briggs Type Indicator?

New website TypeAlyzer offers to read your blog and discern the author's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I fed in my blog's URL, and here's what I got:

(Let me say that I don't think I'm an ISTP In fact, that's wrong on 2 out of 4. But It's possible that I write ISTP.)

The temptation was for me to immediately enter the URLs of other Burgh blogs (see the Burgh BlogRoll on the left margin) to see what Myers-Briggs types their writing seems to be, but
  • I think that would be bad form, although it would be interesting to enter Pittsburgh mayoral candidate's blogs if they had any
  • I generally disdain magazine-survey-mood-ring analysis of this sort
  • I wonder about the role of Comments in the analysis - if comments are displayed, does it make the blogger seem neurotic?
Could comments corrupt the analysis? Could this be like Amazon's Recomendations, which built up a truly amazing profile of what I like -- until I did some Christmas shopping for my weird nephew Ralphie and now it keeps suggesting Goth music and vampire fan fiction?


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