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October 16, 2008

Justifying a Client's Blog, The Long Tail

Had a client meeting about strategic information. It's easier to compile information inside the company than outside, but the outside info is where all the fun is.

I've recommended blogging to the key leaders and they challenged me, what makes an interesting blog and 2) how do I do this without sinking a lot of time into it? I don't know that I had a good answer prepared, but I'm looking here, here, here, and elsewhere.

I need to develop solid rational arguments in favor of blogging to establish authority in the community. In a Web 2.0 world, community and communicated expertise (wikis, blogs) establish credibility in a way that can't be bought. I did find a brand-new blog by Georgia Berner, a Pittsburgh CEO, it's a good example of what I'd like my client to do

Had a discussion of the "long tail" market and the potential that niche websites have to pursue significant business from a lot of small customers that wouldn't be practical without the web. The interesting notion, of course, is that the area under the right side of the curve (orange, niche markets) is greater than the area on the left side of the curve (red, big business). link: Long Tail Blog


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