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November 02, 2006

Favorite Books Ever

These are the books that I have found great value in, and I lend them out, give them away, lose track of them - and buy more. I once worked for a banking consultant named Rich Kozlow, and one of the things he taught me was to observe the client's bookshelves, and see what books they have several copies of - because those are the books they value, share, and give away. I'm no Rich Kozlow - not by a long shot, he's way above my head but it was a great lesson to watch him - but these are the books that I keep more than one of.

Seminal project management book, focusing on mental/intellectual projects vs. linear physical projects.

Rashomon is the title of this group of short stories, but "In a Grove" is the reason to buy this book. (IAG is also the plot of the movie named Rashomon, a worthy way to invest a few hours)

Strictly pleasure reading; a tale of New York, of chutzpah, and of promotion.

This is the book to have if you're considering the bike trip from Pittsburgh to DC.

Effective Cycling, John Forester. If you're going to ride in traffic, if you're going to ride for pleasure, if you're going to ride safely, this is a must-read.

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.

How I Carried the Message to Garcia, Andrew Summers Rowan.


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