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November 19, 2003


What's new lately is the volume, the speed, the demand... Fortunately the phone keeps ringing (and ringing) and work keeps coming in. In fact, too busy to blog, but one of my new resolutions is to blog more faithfully.

Newest wrinkle was a client request to produce a project in SharePoint. Client doesn't know from Sharepoint, but they need it in Sharepoint... Sharepoint is the Enterprise version of FrontPage, I don't want to go off on Microsoft (so many others have explored that..)

But: they sell a system (well, it's not a system, it's a strategic investment, it's a solution, it's a way of life) that is completely proprietary, requires an upgrade to MS Server 2003, since it's an Enterprise implementation everybody has to move everything in to it, since's it's a Top-Down decision any problems are pegged as ResistanceToChange, it takes three years for the benefits to appear (or the blame to appear), but there won't be any blame because the decision makers have all drank the KoolAid and it must succeed, if only you Luddites who stop resisting change.. Who Moved Your Cheese? Bill Gates, that's who...

And in the meantime they're moving away from open standards, away from standard platforms, and they're locking all their digital knowledge into the MS worldview. Arrrghhh!


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