April 05, 2009

Looking for Pittsburgh's View of the World

Does anybody have a Pittsburgh View of the World image?

I am a map geek with an accumulation of maps that I cannot really justify. Maps are useful because of what they ignore and what they exaggerate. Road maps, train maps, aviation maps, bicycle maps : they're a study in communicating. I have bike maps that color-code roads based on their bicycle-friendliness (traffic, shoulders, speed limits). I have NPR maps that show what public radio stations are available along different highways and in different cities. I love maps.

The Economist is one of a few magazines I subscribe to and read because it's good for me -- I once read an article by futurist Joel Barker who recommended that non-holistic techies (to be kind) would benefit by reading outside the geek boundary.

Recently an Economist cover presented a thought-provoking map depicting China's View of the World:

The artwork follows (and recognizes) a famous 1976 New Yorker Magazine cover by Saul Steinberg, (slide show) depicting a NY-centric view of world geography. This has always been a favorite of mine because I'm from NY and it rings true. When I was in the service I taped a copy of this inside my locker door; it was a memory of home for me. Here's Steinberg's comment on the perception of New Yawkers, looking west from 9th Ave: hi-res version

There are other city maps based on Steinberg's concept.



 A Political Map:


Post 9/11
 Global Warming

I have been looking for a "Pittsburgh: A View of the World", because if there was ever a place with a parochial world-view, Pittsburgh is it. I haven't found one yet. So, here's my question: Does anybody have a Pittsburgh View of the World image?


Anonymous said...


Yes, there was one back in the day when these were trendy. I just googled and found that a Pittsburgh novelty company is still selling kitsch with the pic on it.


Anonymous said...

You can see it more clearly on the ashtray.

There used to be a slightly fancier and better drawn version - more comparable to the other ones on your site. If you still want one - keep checking E-bay


Anonymous said...

There was a poster from the 1970s of Pittsburgh "View of the World" similar to the New Yorker. If you find one, let me know. I'm looking for one also.

chrislewi said...

I don't have Pittsburgh but I have Paris, San Francisco, Carmel by the bay, Venice and Key West

Anonymous said...

I have the Pittsburgh a view of the world poster. It is in great shape and recently acquired and is available for sale. Those who are interested in this unique print can leave some contact information here. I will check periodically and if no interest will probably put in on ebay.

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