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January 25, 2004
Bicycling and The Best Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

Saturday Mark and I went to a pre-season bicycling clinic at West Penn hospital. Very cool presentations, from surgeons who are cyclists, pro cyclists who tell Lance stories, PhD candidates presenting their research, coaches presenting their niche-- mostly their audience is guys above my level, but it's always interesting to hear an expert on a field you're interested in, and ordinarily I'd never meet people like this.

After the seminar we went to a new ice cream parlor, Cold Stone Creamery on Brownsville Road in Pittsburgh, and it was the best ice cream I've ever eaten. Definitely the best ice cream in Pittsburgh. I'm ordinarily a Bruster's fan, but this was a whole new level.

It kind of sums up my conflict: I spent the day listening to skinny world-class guys and topped it off with ice cream. But it was wonderful. My daughter said it was the best she'd ever had.


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